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Hello, welcome - this website will hold space for new projects, my thoughts on new trends, projects as they unfold and so much more.

For those of you who may not know me, I’m Victoria, the designer, creator and editor behind Victoria Moronta Design. Let me just say I truly love my job, I mean I get to design and create daily! It is a dream come true! I love everything design, from interior to web design and everything in between - it’s all incredibly intriguing to me and I often find myself diving in deep and learning everything that I can. I have a beautiful little family, Elliot, our daughter Isla and our two cats Onyx and Eevie. Family is extremely important to me, I soak up every ounce of time I have with my loved ones; I’m writing this to you as my daughter naps on my lap. There’s nothing better than doing what I’m passionate about with my family by my side.

I am a licensed real estate agent here in Florida too, this has been so important in this process as I am able to help my clients find homes they love - see the bones and potential within them, help them purchase it and then design their dream home with their vision in mind from there. I help them make their new home truly theirs! It’s a beautiful process and I am so humbled to be able to be apart of such a scared time.

I can’t wait to help you fall in love with your space, your home, your life - after all, they’re all intertwined.

Thank you for being here,



  1. Consultation - We’ll schedule a design consultation, this will give us the chance to meet in your home, I’ll ask for you to show me the space or spaces you’d love for me to help you design.

  2. Design Board - After meeting and understanding your vision I will then create a design board focusing and highlighting the items and design for each room (see below). The boards will include photos of each item, their prices and measurements, the color palette as well as my suggestions / notes. My clients have mentioned to me that they love seeing everything in one place before committing to purchasing.

  3. Purchase - We will discuss which steps to take for purchasing items and timelines for each room etc.

  4. Installation - A scheduled time for me to come over and help install, design and evaluate the space before moving forward. Typically installations are done in phases (Phase 1 -3) depending on the amount of spaces I am helping you design and what the timeframe is.

    Phase 1: The placement of large statement items making up the bulk of the room; sectionals, sofas, bed frames, dining room tables - once placed we will evaluate and move forward.

    Phase 2: Small accent items will be placed next; poufs, bed linens, lamps etc - moving forward once everything is placed.

    Phase 3: The final phase, art installments, accessories; wooden “catch all” bowls on foyer tables, baskets for throw blankets and picture frames - the fluff, the little things that add the final personal touches to your home.


Design Board

FoyerMoodbooard_DesignClient - Stacy-2.png