Frequently asked questions, if your question isn’t answered here please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

Where are you based?

I live in Jacksonville, Florida with my sweet little family.

What’s your favorite design style?

I love the rawness of scandinavian design, the simplicity and minimalist beauty of it is so intriguing and calming to me. People often say my personal style reflects this; I wear a lot of loose fitting linen and neutrals.

What is your favorite thing about design?

The messages thanking me for creating a space they love and the photos of my clients and their loved ones enjoying their home.

Any advice when working with a designer?

Always be authentic to yourself and your own style, never let a designer force you into making design choices that you don’t adore or see yourself in. Your space must be a reflection of yourself and what you truly love.

Do you recommend designing with a lot of color?

Not usually and here’s why, swapping out a few throw pillows or curtains is much less expensive than changing a velvet blue couch with the season - not there is anything at all wrong with a bold statement piece, some of my clients love that but I usually recommend subtle, neutral colors in the couch or bedding with pops of color in the pillows, rug, curtains and art - those are easier to change with the seasons.

Whats your favorite room to design?

I love designing nursery’s or children’s play rooms, I am incredibly honored when clients trust me to help design a space that their kids will grow and learn in. It’s an amazing experience! My daughters nursery is my favorite room in our house.