Where ever you may be, be all there.

Watch the sun dip down into the sea without photographing it. Order a hot cappuccino, let the barista play in the foam, admire their artwork then without taking a picture, sip it away. Spend a day at the beach with only your sun kissed skin to prove it. Give your thumbs a break and start a conversation with a stranger. Read a book. Wake up early on Sunday and check the weather instead of your emails. Paint. Drive with no "map" in hand or destination in sight; it's an incredible feeling to stumble upon beauty instead of searching for it. Write your thoughts down in your journal; keep them for yourself, don't share them with the world. Let silence surround you, learn to sink into its embrace.  

A note to me; and a list of things I'll do over the next few days while I unplug from you and reconnect with myself.