La Concha

La Concha Resort | @laconcharesort
Condado San Juan, Puerto Rico

We were welcomed in the lobby with warmest smiles and greeted in the room with the prettiest view. We were blown away by the suite, the little kitchen area, the incredible bathroom and the pup on the bed. But that view, I ran to the balcony to take it all in.

This is it, this is the island life. 

We jumped right into the Puerto Rican experience with a private Mofongo cooking class hosted by La Concha's executive chef, Erika Gomez. The cooking station was all set up when I arrived, the ingredients were fresh and the dish was so quick and easy to make! Chef Erika walked me through the recipe step by step, explaining to me as we went along. It was such a unique and fun experience, I'll never forget it!

I haven't made it since I've been back but I'm going to, I mean look at it! It was so good!

We had a private cabana reserved for that afternoon so we threw our bikini's on and ran down to the beach. With sandy toes and a coconut in hand we fully embraced the Caribbean vibe around us. A sweet treat was waiting for us when we got back to our room, so we relaxed on our balcony as the sun set around us, sipping champagne and snacking. 

The hotel hosted a fashion show in the lobby that night so we got all dolled up and headed down. We were invited to Delicias, one of the restaurants at La Concha, for a bar ritual by one of their amazing award winning bartenders. While he was preparing our drink he told us a story about Christopher Columbus, sugarcane and rum - "it's been said that rum is one of the oldest spirits known to mankind" he said. We were told that one of the rituals after a battle was to burn rum and coffee, which is what he did in front of us to prepare these drinks. The drink can be served hot or cold, so we tried both and I loved it. He came up with this recipe himself - it was an incredible; the drink, the story, everything!

All the shades of blue and a cup of brew, good morning.

Each morning I woke up with the sun, only to open the balcony door to our room, so we could hear the waves and crawl right back into bed, vacation mode right? 

While the sun rose over the sea we had a private yoga session right there on the beach; we slowed our breathing to match the crashing of the waves and sunk a little bit deeper into our stretches. I'm so thankful for this beautiful experience and for meeting this incredible soul; our yoga instructor V, her energy is contagious and I took so much away from our session. 

Thank you V, from the bottom of my heart. 

I had another cooking class scheduled for that afternoon at the resort, but this time I learned how to make my favorite, sushi! Solera executive Chef Rafael Otero taught me how to make the Island Roll, he said it was most common, similar to the California Roll. The Island Roll was topped with a palatine, eel sauce and sprinkled with sesame seeds for texture. When we were done it was grub time and oh my the roll was so delicious, the fish was so fresh! It was much better than the California roll. I've always wanted to take a sushi making class and Puerto Rico was the perfect place to do it, thank you Chef Rafael. 

That night we were spoiled with a delicious dinner at La Concha's poolside restaurant, Solera. We ordered the tuna sliders, a Guava Roll (recommended by Chef Rafael) and seaweed salad - this was the best sushi roll I've ever had, and I've had a lot of sushi. The atmosphere at dinner was tropical and fun, the local's (Coquí's) sang to us while we ate (and Tori sang back to them haha)! 

A rainy morning, so cozy complimentary robe's, room service and slippers it is. 

The afternoon storms settled down for a bit so we ventured off to the infinity pool and enjoyed the endless blue around us. There are several pools at La Concha but this one was my favorite. We weren't able to catch a pretty sunset here since the sky was cloudy from the storms but I'd imagine it's something special. 

Our last morning called for a big yummy brunch so we went to Delicias. Fresh juice, eggs benedict, guava pancakes and overnight oats - the best overnight oats I've ever had, seriously. 

Thank you La Concha for the endless surprises, for welcoming us to your resort and giving us an authentic experience. We created memories here that we'll hang onto forever.