Ocean, Sun, Earth and Atmosphere

OSEA based out of Malibu, California 

I have a normal skin type and my skincare routine is super simple, a baby wipe to remove my makeup and a little bit of moisturizer in the morning and at night - that's it.

I've been using Aveeno (positively radiant) for over a year now and though it worked alright for my skin, I hated how heavy it felt on my face. It comes out in a solid dollop rather than a light little bit like the OSEA Ocean Lotion does. I started using it a few days before I left for my trip and I've used it every day since. My skin is so happy; it absorbs it right up, like a hydrating kiss for my face. 

I spent countless hours in the sun and wind while I was in Puerto Rico; so I used the Ocean Lotion, Sea Minerals Mist and Atmosphere Protection Cream everyday and the combination kept my skin hydrated and glowing. The mist is lovely after a day in the sun - I've also used it to set my makeup, it leaves my skin nice and dewy. 

OSEA uses non-toxic ingredients and packaging. Their products are vegan, cruelty and gluten-free and free of GMO's; everything good without all the bad stuff. 

My Skincare Regimen
Ocean Cleanser
Sea Minerals Mist
Atmospheric Protection Cream
Essential Hydrating Oil
Ocean Lotion

- read the breakdown of ingredients in each product here

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