x Casa Marina Hotel Jacksonville, Florida

I've lived in Jacksonville just shy of 3 years now, this beautiful beach side hotel has always caught my eye and until now I've never had the opportunity to stay here. The architecture, white walls, burnt orange clay roof and palms placed about, makes this beauty almost look misplaced. It's a little Mediterranean paradise right in the heart of Jacksonville beach. 

Our room was spacious and charming, the bathroom was bright and we had an ocean view with a peek of the boardwalk. My dear friend and photographer Tori Ray decided this location would be perfect for the newest campaign we were working on - that evening we played a bit (photos above) in the hotel courtyard, under the lights as the sun said farewell. The penthouse lounge is a must, even if you're not a quest it's still open to you the public, for you to enjoy. That evening we stuffed ourselves with every cheese plate on the menu, espresso martinis and enjoyed the live band playing. This place is magical and radiant, an absolute dream; it is the grand 'lady' after all.

Thank you for a beautiful stay x

Victoria MorontaComment