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It's been eleven incredible days with our little and I've had a beautiful breastfeeding journey so far - I'm going to share a little bit of my experience with ya.

I packed my Oat Mama lactation bars in my hospital bag so I had one right after Isla was born, the second we were settled in our maternity suite I indulged and I've had one every day since. Breastfeeding Isla is extremely important to me, during my pregnancy I was so worried I'd have issues producing milk.

It was the first morning home, day three and my milk came in - I was thrilled!

The bars are full of natural, simple ingredients - ground flax, fenugreek (found in the delicious apple cinnamon flavor), gluten-free rolled oats and brewers yeast, and they are all milk making machines. I tried the sampler package so I could try all of the bars, the apple cinnamon raisin and peanut butter chocolate chip flavors were my favorite but they're all incredible. 

A portion of all sales are donated to Mother's Milk Bank, so you're helping a fellow mama and her baby out when you purchase from Oat Mama. How special is that? #MotherTogether

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