What's in my hospital bag | My must-haves

5 hospital bag essentials

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1. Charley M // A comfortable nursing bra
I wore the Serenity sleep & nursing bra by Charley Maternity to the hospital when I went into labor. I was happy I wore it, I fed Isla right after she was born and the wireless design made it comfortable and easy. 

2. Eco Baby Mum's Butter // All purpose butter for nipple care
Mama's if you're planning on breastfeeding buy mum's butter! There aren't any yucky, harmful ingredients int it - which was extremely important to me since my little will be ingesting it. 

3. Oat Mama // Delicious lactation bars
I wanted to get a jump start on increasing my milk supply so I packed a few Oat Mama bars in my hospital bag - I had one right after labor, paired with a chilled coconut water (I also packed a few in my bag - highly recommend), it was a great pick me up and both are so good for milk production.

4. Lil'Buds // Breast comfort packs
Another must have if you're planning on breastfeeding, I've had a beautiful experience so far - it's a much more enjoyable when you're not in pain.

5. Parasol // Wipes
I packed these wipes to refresh post labor, of course the hospital has washcloths and towels but I wanted a nice cool wipe to cleanse my face and they were right in my bag!


Just a few things I was happy I had with me,  happy hospital bag packin' Mama's

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