My advice for you | Baby Shower Must Do's

5 things that made my baby shower extra sweet

1. PAPERLESS POST // Online invitations and cards
We designed our invitations, uploaded our design and sent them out via Paperless. It was one less thing to worry about and it made keeping up with the guest list crazy easy. 

2. PLEASE BRING A BOOK, INSTEAD OF A CARD // Add this on your invites
I don't have a photo of this part of the invitation but we asked our quests to bring a book, instead of a card (whether it's new or used) and to sign something inside of it. So many of our quest did this for us and it was so special, we seriously can't thank them enough and are so excited to have a sweet little start to her book collection. 

Photo Jan 13, 12 06 48 PM_preview.jpeg

We asked our quests to fill out little brown cards with advice for us and / or thoughts for the baby. These were so incredible to read - we're putting them in her baby book and can't wait to look back on them in a couple of years. 

4. A WELL LIT PLACE FOR PHOTOS // Just a simple backdrop will do
Create a well-lit place to take photos with your guests. You'll want to look back on these moments for years so make sure they're pretty.

5. MAKE YOUR DECOR // And make sure it's reusable
I painted these wooden pieces to place on the table as decor for the shower and knew they would fit perfect in her nursery after the shower too and they do - I can't wait to see her play with them. They're so cute!


If you're here looking for inspiration, I hope you found it here. 
To my fellow mums - I hope you have a magical day mama, you deserve it. 

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