Oh baby pt. 1

Saturday, January 13 - we celebrated our little fern,
here are bits from our dreamy day.

Oh what a way to welcome our little one to this world, it was a dream come true.

I love hosting and adore planning so it made sense for me to design and decorate myself - (I had some help from my incredible family and friends the morning of) and have the shower in our beautiful new home, so that's exactly what we did. 

I grabbed some inspiration from Pinterest and mommy blogs so I'm going to break down for you how I prepped and planned for my shower, hoping something here inspires you too.

I didn't have (or want a) theme, I just knew I wanted palms, fern and pops of blush with organic wooden accents throughout.  I ordered the greenery from a local floral shop here, picked up a mixed bouquet - mostly fern pieces and grabbed the eucalyptus from Trader Joes (the silver dollar eucalyptus worked well t for my outdoor backdrop). We went with a simple invitation design and sent them out via Paperless Post - try them out, the whole process was super easy, you can upload your own design and it's FREE.

I wanted to make sure all of the decor was reusable - I grabbed four wooden blocks from Michaels craft store and painted the corners of them blush to match Isla's nursery, they are now up on her shelf tucked in between books and her wooden rattle. I grabbed the wooden mushrooms from Joanns and painted those blush too to match the blocks, they're also decor in her nursery - the perfect little pieces and I can't wait to see her play with them. I made the yarn and eucalyptus wall hanging (via this diy here) for the center piece of the greenery wall. I printed little black and white 4x4 photos to hang on it and place throughout the table - they were a sweet touch. The greenery surrounding the hanging was placed at random, I just went through and picked pieces that worked and I seriously never want to take it down, two days later and it's still insanely beautiful. I took the big pieces of fern and broke them up into little pieces to fill up the space around the table - tealight candles to add a little fairy-tale magic. I pulled apart a piece of eucalyptus and put them in ice trays for the la croix ice bucket and had white balloons floating throughout the space, I am all about the pretty simple touches can ya tell? 

I picked up vanilla meringue cookies from Trader Joes and dusted them with cinnamon to achieve a mushroom / woodland look, they looked adorable with the little pieces of fern placed around them and aren't they just the sweetest little things, so yummy! There was a coffee bar, little white chocolate dipped marshmallow pops that my mom made (also so yummy), fresh fruit, glazed and cinnamon doughnut holes on skewers and a gorgeous naked cake from Publix - I planned on making it myself but my mom had me place the order through Publix - said I would thank her later and seriously, THANK YOU MOM - the cake turned out beautiful and it was one less thing to worry about, we just topped it with a fresh piece of fern and it was perfect. 

Also, thank you Parasol for sending over baby wipes for my guests - they're so cute, fit right in with the decor and were such a hit. Shop these adorable wipes and diapers here 

Special bits that I am so happy we included
In the invitation we asked our guests to bring baby books instead of cards, almost everyone brought a book and wrote notes inside for our little one - it was seriously so special putting each book up in her nursery and we can't wait to read them to her. We also had an "advice for us, thoughts for baby" request, everyone wrote their advice and wishes for us on little cards. We've added those to her baby book as well as pressed pieces of fern from our day in there too. One last thing, I made sure to create a eucalyptus wall (the silver dollar eucalyptus worked perfect like I mentioned before) outside on our porch so we had a pretty, well-lit place to take pictures and it was stunning - it was a beautiful day spent creating the most precious memories.